We all like the monsoon season for a variety of things. Be it the fine chill breeze, dancing peacocks, hot pakora in evening with family and many more. Rainbow is a very crucial part of this season. Just after the rain, when sun comes out in the sky and its’ light rays hit the water droplets present in the air, it forms a beautiful structure, which we all know as Rainbow.

Ever wondered how many colors are there in the rainbow and where do they come from and what do those colors represent? There are a lot of interesting stuff about rainbow. We can also create our own rainbow using a prism. A prism is a Geometric shape that we all have seen at least once in our school life.

Through the phenomenon of refraction and internal reflection, the light entering the prism gets split up into seven different colours, generally remembered by the acronym VIBGYOR(Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red). Do you know that all these colours represent different emotions attached with them!!

The largest and most-awaited technical fest of Northern India is back and is scheduled this year from 15th to 18th March. The theme this year is ‘Prism of Possibilities’. Just like a normal prism provides variety of colours, Techkriti has a variety of opportunities for every individual looking to ignite their passion or career.
Also, the seven colors of the rainbow closely resembles the following things.

Voilet: The Violet color is a representative of Royalty and Good judgment. Here at Techkriti, we give a lot of thought and focuses primarily on bringing the true champ out of you by taking the right decision at the right time. Here, you will endure the power of good judgment and it is the first step towards the greater future lying ahead of an individual.

Indigo: Indigo has a big history behind it during the time when Britishers used to rule India.
Leaving all that behind, it emphasizes on profound insights and understanding ones’ self. Techkriti provides you with a plethora of competitions, each one being tougher than the last one. It is only when the times are harsh that you care to get an insight of events happening around you. There are also going to be a number of talks from which you can get to know yourself better.

Blue: What makes a great team? The answer contains a lot of points, amongst which the ones which comes in the foreground are trust, compassion and patience. The color blue symbolizes all these qualities. Trust and patience are the major qualities that any team should possess to enhance their chances of victory. There are various competitions here which requires more of teamwork than individual efforts.


Green: Next color in the series is Green. By the vary nature of it, it comes with renewing and refreshing energy. But it also represents balance and welfare in life. Here, you will encounter a number of people who handle a number of things and constantly try to bring life to a balance. Balance is more about boundary management i.e. by making choices in life and enjoying them. Here, you will be elucidated with many alternatives that can help you bring prosperity to you and all you need is some refreshing spirit.

Yellow: If you ask most people of their favorite color, for most of them, it would be yellow.
Yellow is deeply related to intelligence and signifies keen intellect and wisdom. These are the things many people dream of having but the factor due to which they miss out is the lack of correct guidance and path. Techkriti promises you to consummate with the correct mentoring to help you achieve the dreams that you have never even dreamed of!!

Orange: “The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the color that gives you hope that the sun will rise again”. Orange is considered to be the happiest color and symbolizes creativity, playfulness and youth. Albert Einstein once said that Creativity is more important than knowledge. Here, we provide you with the mind sizzling riddles to unveil the creativity hidden beneath. Comedy shows and various mind refreshing shows will free up your mind leading to more and more creativity bubbling from inside you.

Red: The color that appears on the top of the spectrum seen through the prism is Red. The color Red is often thought of as the representative of danger, anger, instability which is true in fact. But it also has a positive side towards it and that symbolizes love and passion. First you dream, then you think about it, then you work towards it and enjoy it when that finally becomes your passion. Techkriti provides you with a handful of resources and great platform to take the thing that you dreamt of to the next level.

The seven colours of the Rainbow symbolizes various aspects of life and the qualities that one must possess for the better development. The prism takes in the light and winkles out a range of colours. In similar sense, Techkriti promises to bring out the many hidden qualities within you. So, pull up your socks, tighten your gloves, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to witness the innovations and ideas flying around. Go grab them to innovate and give the world a new direction as this time, there really is a “Prism of Possibilities”.


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