Techkriti'17, IIT Kanpur
Techkriti, IIT Kanpur, is about to kick off with a new incarnation, with more zeal, enthusiasm and zest than ever, this time. But here are some moments of last year's events to relive each such memory with nostalgia.

The fun begins (Day 1)-
Day One had a magnificent start with the keynote address by the chairman of ISRO, Dr. A.S. Kiran Kumar, who is credited with the design and development of the electro-optical image sensors used in India's first remote sensing satellite, Bhaskara, launched in 1979.
It was followed by a marvellous art show by the famous speed-art painter Vilas Nayak which left the audience awestruck.
Speed-Art Painter Vilas Nayak
The day concluded with another address by Dr. Henry Schaefer, a chemist, with an H-Index of 116, where he spoke about his personal as well as professional life.
Inspiring talk of Dr. Henry Schaefer
The car exhibition of many vintage cars attracted huge crowds from the very start of the fest.
Vintage Car collection
The competitions commence and the thrill continues-

People going for the final Testing
Day Two witnessed the beginning of the many competitions of the fest, which included Robowars, TGP, Electromania and Sky Sparks.
Team of AUV, IIT Kanpur
The day also witnessed Sci-Talks by Dr. K.C Nicolaou, a Cypriot-American chemist known for his research in the area of natural products total synthesis, and the famous car designer Andrea Mocellin.
Talk of Dr. K C Nicolaou
Mind blowing talk of Ferrari Car Designer, Mr. Andrea Mocellin
But that wasn’t all, the day ended on a high note with excellent beat-boxing from Vineeth Vincent and a comedy performance by well-known Sapan Verma.

Musical Night
The celebrations continues (Day 3)-

Decoration of the campus
Day Three proceeded with the continuation of the various competitions and events.
Preparations going on with full energy
There was an informative and interesting talk by Ian Angell, professor at London school of Economics.
Intriguing talk by Dr. Ian Angell
One of the most amazing events for the day was Karan Singh’s magic show, which left us all astonished.
Copy of IMG_5405.JPG
Magician, Karan Singh
Then the audience were addressed by one of the most respected names in the field of journalism, Rajat Sharma, who shared his experiences as host of the show, ‘Aap ki Adalat’, making the spectators enthralled by his amazing and entertaining speech.
Well known Journalist, Mr. Rajat Sharma
The exuberant EDM night was also scheduled on this day, where everyone danced to their fullest on the amazing beats.
Copy of IMG_0035.JPGIMG_5547.JPG
EDM Night
Exhibitions always steal the show.
Jet plane exhibition
F1 exhibition
Happy ending with Sonu Nigam's Concert
The final day of the fest witnessed fierce competitions in all events coming to close, among which especially Robowars attracted most attention.
The most interesting and mind-blowing talks of the day were those of Meinolf Sellmann and David Reitze.
The day couldn’t have ended better than with the much awaited, melodious performance by one of the most celebrated singer of bollywood industry, Sonu Nigam. His verses “Aana hoga IIT Kanpur mein hume kayi kayi baar” moved each and every one of the spectators.
Amazing concert
Everlasting memories which will remain in our hearts

The fest thus ended, but leaving in our hearts many cherished memories, casting an indelible impression on our minds through various enlightening talks and raising the bar for the fest. We can’t wait to have the remarkable experience once again and witness Techkrit’18, which sure will raise the bar even further.
Truely, it was NONE OF A KIND


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